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A wonderful person with deep knowledge of the local market, Anne is also a person of real character. I have both bought with and sold with Anne, and each time she was invaluable and a joy to work with.

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Anne Rajs helped me sell my house in 2009. As a first-time seller I was nervous, especially during such an unstable housing market. Despite all of this, I felt well taken care of and confident as Anne walked me in a detailed and thorough way through the process, from viewing comparable properties and pricing mine competitively, knowing what needed to be done to prepare it for sale, to a smooth and satisfying closing. While my house was on the market, I was out of state for a couple of months, and only felt comfortable doing so because Anne was able to keep an eye on my property and keep the ball rolling through the selling process. You could not choose a more savvy and personable person to help you buy or sell a home in the Hudson Valley. Thank you, Anne!

5 tmoverman

My wife and I worked with Anne to purchase a home. She was an excellent broker: extremely knowledgeable, hard-working and honest. She guided us through the process in a very professional way with a personal touch. We are confident that she can provide the highest level of service to any home seller or buyer.

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As a former realtor I believe I can say that I understand what makes someone exceptional in this profession. Anne Rajs is that and more! Not only is she smart, thorough, patient, and resourceful, but she’s also a great listener. Only the best have that ability and it can make all the difference in the world in this field. I will be referring anyone I know who needs a realtor to Anne!

5 J.D. Gates

My wife and I worked with Anne Rajs in New Paltz to buy our home. She was extremely knowledgeable. Her dedication to us as buyers was supreme. We felt very lucky to have her on our side as we worked to find the right property. Anne’s patience and guidance was very rewarding for our search. We highly recommend Anne as a broker for any seller or buyer.

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Anne was always available and responsive over the duration of a long process from qualifying the buyer to ameliorating the hurdles in a complicated sale.

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Anne Rajs is a realtor who places the interest and wellbeing of her clients first. Honest and thoughtful, Anne proved to be an integral personal resource and confidant from day one. We would recommend Anne Rajs to anyone.

5 lauren willoughby

Anne is a fantastic agent, and I can say with certainty that we would not have our new home without her. Anne was quick to understand what we were looking for and was thoughtful about the properties she would send our way to review, carefully curating the listings not just by the number of bedroom/bathrooms or sq ft we had said we were looking for but rather looking out for the more qualitative aspects of our ideal property. In fact, even though we had said we were taking a break from looking, she found a great listing and notified us immediately, and this ended up being the house that we went for. Throughout the process Anne has been extremely prompt with her communication – answering emails and calls throughout the weekend and evening hours, which was very valuable to us as we negotiated the price through a weekend. It has been a great pleasure to work with Anne!

5 user004641

Anne is a true pro. She is a pleasure to work with and was very responsive to our needs as well as our schedules. She was helpful in aligning us with other pros in the area to help us through the process. In addition, we found her experience and counseling to be “spot on” in helping us navigate some tricky negotiations as well as the buying experience. Working with Anne was like working with a good friend who happened to be in real estate.

5 abgfitz

The quality Anne has that is perhaps unique to agents, and was especially helpful to me, was her willingness to be patient with my decision making process in purchasing a home. Her main focus was on me and what worked for me, rather then her commission. I was a bit all over the place. She gave me lots of options, but again, paid attention to all of my many particular needs. In the end, I got a great deal, and just what I wanted and could afford!!! She went above and beyond for me with all the details, and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Anne!

5 user35940361

Working with Anne Rajs was and is an absolutely wonderful experience! She is very knowledge of the area and never hesitated to meet us whenever we needed to see a house. Once we found the house we wanted, she continued to be helpful and showed us the place over and over again with a smile. Even after we closed Anne continues to offer her help and her expertise. I highly recommend hiring her to sell your house or have her help you find the house of your dreams. She is an excellent broker!

5 sgutwill

Anne is incredibly helpful and honest. She is very easy to work with and a lovely woman. While not pushy, she let me know what was necessary to get the best price and move the process along. I had spoken to other realtors and she was so much more agreeable and smart. To get to know the beauty of the property we originally went on a 2 hour walk and she discovered places I hadn’t even been to. She is lots of fun, which is great for a dreary task like selling a home and sometimes a frightening one in buying a home. When it was time for showing, she brought flowers, checked the house and otherwise went out of her way to help me get it ready. I live quite a distance away, this was my vacation home. I could completely rely on her to take care of things, in my absence. She is always available for questions and any feelings involved.

5 BrianBaxter57

We are so glad that we had Anne on our side. Not only did she have great local knowledge and superb responsiveness, it was her experience in deals that set her apart. Unfortunately for us we had a slow and indifferent buyer to contend with that dragged out our deal. Anne was persistent in chasing both the buyer and her lawyer and gave us constant updates. She also knew when to flex the muscle and pushed for a Time is of the Essence letter which finally pulled the deal through for us. Without her I think we still may be waiting to close! While we don’t wish the buyer we had on anyone else we were lucky to have Anne backing us and would highly recommend her.

5 Pkagan7

We were moving out of state and chose Anne as our realtor to help us with the sale of our home. Anne was a real pro from start to finish. After we initially contacted Anne she was over the next day explaining the process in detail and making arrangements for photgraphing our house. Anne always made herself available to answer any questions we had. As we approached our closing date things got very stressful and it seemed that the deal might have fallen through but Anne perservered and made sure it happened even though the purchasers well extremely unreasonable and difficult. I would high recommend using Anne as a realtor.

5 judyruderman

Anne showed us several homes that we had already targeted on Zillow. Her familiarity with the area and ability (and willingness) to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each property helped us make our decision. Respectful of our parameters and desires, she never pushed us to spend more money or change direction, and she guided our negotiations with a sure hand. I have dealt with numerous realtors in the past, and have rarely encountered one as professional, honest, and thoughtful as Anne. We highly recommend that you give her a call.

5 aerolamassu

We worked with Anne for several months to identify the ideal property for our first home purchase. Anne was incredibly professional and genuine at every turn, and always had the right thing to say and the best advice. One of the characteristics most charming about Anne is her honesty and forthright appraisal of the homes we toured together. She would offer new ideas, ask the right questions to get to know our likes and dislikes and would wisely suggest properties worthy of our investigation. Anne was very accommodating for our limited schedules and ultimately turned a dream of owning a home into reality.

5 user2786615

Anne was the utmost professional from start to finish. From our first meeting Anne helped guide us through the process and continued to be there every step of the way. We met with many realtors before deciding to work with Anne, and ultimately decided to work with her after hearing good things and having a sense that she would be strongly detail oriented. We were not disappointed, and offer our highest recommendation to anyone who is considering working with her.

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